Question: Parking Mode How to Setup and How does it work?

For the Stealth Series, Please CLICK HERE.

For all other models, please see below:

For the parking mode feature to function correctly, the device needs to be connected to a Navman Smart box or other similar 3rd party product.

The parking mode feature, enables the device to enter a hibernation state, and will start recording once motion in the field of view is detected and or the G sensor is activated and store the files in a specific location for parking events to be easily viewed later.

Some Navman Dash camera’s do not have the parking mode feature, these models can still be connected to a Smartbox and continue to record once the car ignition is turned off, however they will constantly be recording (which uses more power and memory card storage) and will only trigger an event by the G force sensor.

For Navman Dash Camera’s that come with the parking mode feature, please follow these steps to set parking mode up correctly.

1. Check device storage allocation
    • Go to Menu > System > Storage Allocation
    • Set your desired allocation for parking recordings (note: this will format and erase the memory card)

2. Turn Parking mode on
    • Go to Menu > Parking Mode > Detection > On
    • For the Sensor Range, go to Menu > Parking Mode > Select either Smart Mode or Low Power Mode

3. Choose to have the dash camera automatically enter parking mode or to only enter parking mode when manually selected on the main screen
    • Go to Menu > Parking Mode >Auto entry or Standby mode
      1. Manual (Default Setting)
        • The device will only enter parking mode by pushing the button adjacent to the P on the normal recording screen
      2. G Force Sensitivity (Easy, medium or Hard)
        • This setting adjusts how easily the device will enter parking mode
        • The Dash Camera will enter parking mode after 5 minutes of no movement detected by the G Force Sensor or if manually selected

4. If you wish to have the display screen automatically turn off when in parking mode:
    • Go to Menu > System > LCD Standby
      1. Select 10 Seconds, 1 minute or 3 minutes

5. You can then choose to customize your device further if you like
            1. Menu > Parking Mode >
              1. Detection method
                • Only G Sensor
                • Only motion
                • Both Motion and G Sensor (Default)
              2. Motion Detection (Sensitivity)
                • Low
                • Medium (Default)
                • High
              3. G Sensor (Sensitivity)
                • Low
                • Medium (Default)
                • High
              4. LED Indicator
                • on
                • Off (Default)

6. When the Dash Camera is in parking mode a vertical bar will be displayed on the right hand side to indicate the amount of G force and or Movement detected, if it gets full it will trigger the device to store the recording in the parking event video file location

NOTE: The system will automatically calibrate the G sensor of the device during start-up. If the devices viewing angle is adjusted or moved from the original position after startup, please switch it off and on again to recalibrate the G sensor. Failing to do so, may cause the G sensor to malfunction and impact other features of the device such as Event recording mode and entering/exiting parking mode features.

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