Question: MiVue830 Monthly Safety Camera Update

Monthly updates

The safety camera download is updated each month. Check back here for the latest version available to download.

Version: V36.0622.01.08

Please follow the instructions below to install the update!  

Important: This safety camera update is compatible with the MiVue830 and FOCUS450.


Please note: Not all safety cameras will be covered. Mobile cameras are not included.

1. Click HERE to download the most up-to-date safety camera data, and save the file to your PC.

2. Insert a Micro SD card into your device and connect it to the PC and turn it on. Once connected, you will see the message 'USB connecting'

3. Copy the ‘Speedcam_Data_AUS.bin’ file to the root folder of the Micro SD Card. (See the images below)

4. Disconnect the device and Connect it to a power source such as the In-Car power adapter

Note: You must connect a power source to perform the update. The Update cannot perform on battery power.

5. You will see the message 'Updating Data...'. This can take several minutes to complete

6. When the update is finished, the device will turn off automatically

7. The safety camera data is now updated and your device is ready to use

Root folder

To get to the root folder (screenshot below), go to (My) Computer.


Place the downloaded file in the root folder.


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