NavDesk is a suite of tools you can use to access greater functionality and product information via your computer. We recommend installing NavDesk to claim your first free map update (if applicable)!
Click below to download :


N.B. This download is for the following devices only:
Navman EZY Advanced,
 EZY +, EZY Wide +, EZY, EZY Wide, 
Tourer, Tourer Life, 
Tourer 416 LM, Tourer 413 LM, Tourer 614 LM, Tourer 695 LM, Panoramic, F360, F460

NavDesk allows you to:
  • Download software and map updates
  • Manage your maps
  • Manage custom POIs
  • Install safety camera subscriptions
  • Browse the website for special offers

More Info
Most important options in NavDesk:

  • My Maps: This tab will show you what maps are install on your device and
    is used to manage (add/remove) your maps.
  • Unlock features: Allows you to enter an activation key for a service you purchased. You only need to use this tab when you've purchased safety cameras or a map update from our eShop.
  • Redeem:You will only need this tab if you have an 'LM' device. Please enter the product key enclosed in the box to claim your lifetime map updates.